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Singles Agency – The 3 biggest myths to online dating

Online dating sites are sprouting up everywhere on the internet these days. Many people, especially those above 40, are using these sites to find friendship, love and a partner. But like other sites online there are several misconceptions to online dating:

Myth #1: No one can find true love with online dating

For people who haven’t tried online dating or don’t understand the rules, this could be true. But statistics have proven that online dating services have showed positive results to millions of individuals who are using them.

Myth #2: It’s not safe to date online

Online dating is safe. Use caution when entering personal data to your profile. Never put information that could be used by people with bad intentions. Your safety in online dating is in your hands, and no one is forcing you to reveal pertinent information without your knowledge.

Myth #3: Online dating is for computer fanatics only.

This is not true of course. Most of the people who are using online dating sites are from all walks of life.

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