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Singles Agency – Tips for that romantic weekend away (part 2)

4. Cooperate with each other. This is the great time to know your partner’s real interest.

5. Share. This could be a bit difficult at first but sharing is good. Sharing thoughts and feelings about the entire weekend getaway will make your bond closer. It is also a polite effort to offer to split the cost of the entire weekend. But if his paying for the entire getaway, offer something like buying dinner on your first night or to bring some extra food with you.

6. Relax and enjoy. This is the time to get to know each other more. Try to relax and enjoy the moment and each other’s company.

It’s easy to score major points with your man; all you need to do is spot the ideal opportunity. No matter what you want from your romantic getaway weekend, remember to fit it with what both of you want. Plan accordingly and everything will be perfect.

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