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Singles Agency – Tips for that romantic weekend away (part 1)

You have a long weekend coming and your man suggested that you go away for the weekend. Are you ready to step up your relationship? Are you prepared for the consequences? Going away with your partner for the first time is a big deal. Now he will have a chance to know the real you.

We have prepared some tips on how to make your first romantic weekend a complete success.

1. Decide on where you want to go. Think of someplace where no one knows you. A relaxing place which will make you closer with each other. Take into consideration the time of the year when you make your travel arrangements.

2. Plan all the necessary details. Talk about what you want to happen during the weekend. Check the internet for hotel accommodations, car rentals, flight details and meals. There are also couples packages available online that could catch your fancy.

3. Talk and prioritise. Talk about everything you want to do. You may want to visit a museum while he wants to spend the afternoon in a country pub.

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