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Singles Agency – How to interpret the girl’s body language (1)

Some guy’s tend to assume that women say one thing and mean another — and this might be true before. Women today, however, are pretty straightforward and they mean what they say. Check out these tips on how to interpret a girl’s body language.

a. Eye contact
This should be first on your list. This should be first on your list. Pay attention to eye contact. A woman who is interested in you will stare into your eyes a few seconds longer than normal. If you’re interested, you can look at her directly for a few seconds longer before shifting your gaze. However, don’t stare too much or she might think you are too intense.

b. Facial Expressions
Women display a variety of facial expressions to show when they are interested in the person or not. Look for these signs:
• Raised eyebrows paired with a smile and a nod means she is interested in what you are saying.
• Women who are interested tend to subconsciously lick their lips.
• She’ll blink faster when talking with you.
• When women are aroused or overly excited, they execute flared nostrils and dilated pupils.

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