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Singles Agency – How to become the girl that men adore

What do men really like in a woman? Men might love their gizmos and fast cars but women are simply irresistible to men. Why?

1. Be mysterious. If possible don’t be an open book in your relationship. Let the man find out a little at a time.
2. Men love to see a cheerful woman whose eyes light up with joy and offers a genuine smile.
3. Men like challenges and winning. They like a woman who can resist their charm.
4. Learn how to decline properly. You can’t always say yes to your man every time he calls, learn to say “NO” if you have some other plans or you don’t like where he is going. Men like a woman who knows how to give space and individualism. This will make him look for you.
5. A woman who dresses well and feels good about herself easily attracts a man’s attention.

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