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Singles Agency – How to appear more attractive to woman? (1)

While most girls will say they want a nice guy who can make them laugh, they’re also likely to fall head over heels for the bad boy who can drive them crazy. Women respond to overt male masculinity and the bad boy has this covered. But remember a man doesn’t need to be “bad” per se- he can still exude that same appeal and still remain a gentleman.

Remember it’s not about the clothes or the image that makes you more attractive to women; it’s about how you make them comfortable and like a queen during dates and night outs. Here are some ways on how to appear more attractive to women:

a. Catch their interest
Be receptive and adoptive with the women around you. Learn how to switch from one topic to another that women fancy. Women like men who are updated and know to get along with their interest and hobbies.

b. Make her laugh
Tell honest jokes or comments that can make her jaw drop or eyebrow rise while hitting you in a playful way. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to appear arrogant

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