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Singles Agency – Great Conversation Starters for the Second Date

A second date is far more relaxed than your first date. Play simple, talk about what you have done from the first time you met until the second date.

Do you like to read and what is the last book you read?
Do you love your job? (If not then ask why she chose it)
What is the most interesting thing you have done this week?
What is the worst thing you have done this week and why? (being ready to console)
Do you like travelling?
What was your ambition or dream as a child?
Who is the weirdest person you have ever met?
Do you have any artistic talent? (Revise to “Do you have any hidden talent?”)
How are your parents? How are your siblings?
Are you the same as when you were in high school or college? (Here you can catch a glimpse of what they are like during their school days)

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