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Singles Agency – 4 ideas for a first date

First dates should impress, but is a dinner date enough? Here are some ideas to consider for a fun-filled date.

  • Meet at your favourite coffee place. You can get up early in the morning and share a cup of coffee over a nice conversation. The jolt of caffeine in your system keeps both of you sharp and them attentive to everything you say.
  • Invite her to have a picnic in the park or somewhere secluded if you like. Bring cheese, bread and some fruits and let the surrounding create a romantic mood.
  • Head somewhere a little out of the ordinary. Think of something both of you will enjoy.
  • Spend a day at the lake. Rent a boat or have a picnic. Spend time enjoying the sunset together.

Try and consider all dates as though they are first dates. Let the excitement be felt all the time.

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